The Carestream Eco-System: Why You Should Consider a CS 3700 I/O Scanner

Carestream CS 3700 Intraoral Scanner and CS 9300 Carestream CBCT

Our team has been buying and selling dental imaging technologies for over 10 years. We have experience with just about every imaging brand out there, so we typically have good insight as to the advantages (and shortcomings) of most imaging technologies. 


Today, we’ll look at the CS 3700 intraoral scanner from Carestream Dental (now DEXIS) and let you know why you should consider this scanner, especially if you’re already using other Carestream imaging technologies. Let’s get started!

CS 3700 - Features

The Carestream/DEXIS 3700 scanner tends to fly under the radar a bit. There are some really hot intraoral scanner products on the market right now, with iTero, MEDIT, and 3Shape getting a lot of buzz across the industry.

However, you shouldn’t cross the CS3700 off your list just yet - its feature set is comparable to these other top products AND it has a couple of benefits that most people likely don’t consider when shopping for their next scanner.


Second to cost, one of the main questions doctors ask to compare I/O scanners is related to speed (ie. scanning speed). The CS 3700 is tested and proven to capture a single arch in under 30 seconds. Speed invariably (regardless of brand) is affected by the laptop the scanner is paired with, so you’ll want to make sure your scanning computer meets the minimum required specs to keep up!

By the way... one of the many benefits of buying with Renew Digital is we will assure those laptop specs are met! Every CS 3700 scanner purchase is included with a pre-configured laptop so you're ready to start scanning as quickly as possible.

Shade Matching

One of the flagship features of the CS 3700 is its enamel shade-matching capabilities. The patented Smart-Shade color matching technology analyzes more data than other intraoral scanners and automatically detects enamel colors so that your final restorations match existing teeth seamlessly.

This feature is worth calling out as a point of comparison to other brands because of its accuracy. Unlike other systems, which collect color values from a single view, the CS 3700 collects actual shade values from several views of the tooth surface, leading to a more accurate match. 

No Calibration Required

Nothing slows down workflow more than stopping to calibrate your imaging system. Fortunately, the CS 3700 requires no calibration (unless it experiences a hard impact, like being dropped). Under normal use, you can skip the calibration and save yourself some time.


The CS 3700 has a sleek, ergonomic design and features tips for both normal and side scanning. 

Simple, Yet Advanced Software

CS Scanflow software allows you to acquire intraoral scans with a straightforward workflow:

  • Fill out the patient details
  • Scan the preparation, the opposing teeth & finally, the bite.
  • Share scan with patient (chairside) & easily export scan to third party for referrals such as mills, labs & 3D printers (open architecture and integrated CAD/CAM workflow allows for the export of STL files).

Don’t Forget About Seamless Software Integration with No Monthly Fees

If you’re a current Carestream customer, let us remind you of one of the least talked about features of Carestream technologies - they are all designed to integrate together in the CS Imaging software platform. This is a huge benefit for anyone utilizing other Carestream solutions, from CBCT to digital intraoral sensors. 

When you purchase a CS 3700 intraoral scanner, you’ll launch the scan directly from CS imaging without having to shift back and forth between software systems. The same can be said for your CBCT system, digital sensors, or intraoral camera.

Having all of your imaging technologies accessible from one software vastly improves your workflow and allows you to spend less time figuring out what software you need to use for each device. 

Here's a quick look at what this looks like within the Carestream software eco-system:

See all images (including 2D & 3D volumes, as well as intraoral scans and stills) by patient record by using the patient browser. And, at the center-top of the screen you'll see your integrated softwares by imaging device for an all-in-one software tool.

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Source: Carestream Dental

Lastly, the CS 3700’s CS Scanflow software does not require any additional monthly fees or subscriptions, which is another huge benefit when compared to other scanner brands on the market today.

Advanced Treatment Planning with CBCT

You can also easily combine your imaging data for advanced treatment planning. One popular integration for doctors using intraoral scanners for diagnostics and treatment planning is merging these scans with 3D images from their cone beam/CBCT system.

Dental cone beam provides exceptional visualization of dental and craniofacial anatomy in 3 dimensions. But, CBCT scans lack the ability to capture the surface details of teeth and surrounding structures required for restorations, prosthetics, and other dental appliances.

Fortunately, intraoral scanners can provide highly detailed and accurate images of these anatomical structures, closing this digital diagnostic and treatment planning gap.

Advances in software technology have now made it possible to merge the digital data set from an intraoral scan with a CBCT scan.

Once combined, the surface detail from an intraoral scan can be incorporated with the CBCT image into the treatment planning software, allowing for increased accuracy and efficiency when diagnosing dental conditions and planning for restorative treatment.

The software can also be manipulated to provide a variety of different views. For example, investigating the underlying projected placement of the simulated implants with certain layers removed to give a more precise impression of the implant’s location in relationship to the natural tooth roots.

By merging these two functionalities, it’s possible for dental professionals to plan the course of treatment from start to finish, all in one appointment, while relying on a vast amount of critical clinical data. Plus, merging intraoral and CBCT scans can not only improve diagnoses, but it can also enhance visualization, making the images a useful patient and referral communication tool as well.

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