Where You Can Buy Used Dental Equipment for Sale

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These days you can buy just about anything used. That’s why sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor are so popular. Dental and dental specialty practices are no different; there is no shortage of used dental equipment for sale. Here’s a quick summary of where you can find used dental equipment for sale as well tips and tricks for making a smart purchase when using these sites.

Dental Facebook Groups

Several Dental Facebook Groups have emerged in recent years. Some examples include The Business of Dentistry, SoftwarePundit for Dentists, and For Dentists By Dentists. Be sure to never give away your private information in a public space, and do your best to verify the seller’s credentials before handing over payment.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is often a good place to find local used dental equipment for sale. It does not require you to join a group to buy or sell items, and you can look for results that are near your location to make up pick-up easier.


Pre-owned dental equipment for sale on eBay can provide you with a great deal of savings. However, before you enter your credit card information, ensure the item you believe your buying is authentic. Ask to see serial numbers and research the history of the unit. You should also ask about how shipping is handled and paid for, and how you’ll receive technical support once you have the equipment.


Craigslist can be one of those hit-or-miss options, so it’s best if you’re thinking long-term. You can try scrolling the “for sale” ads in your area every day, or use the search function to locate “dental X-rays” or a specific brand or model if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Again, be sure to verify as much as you can about the unit before sharing personally identifiable information.

State Dental Associations

Some state dental associations allow you to post online classified ads. Examples include the California Dental Association, Georgia Dental Association, New York State Dental Association, and the Texas Dental Association. Shopping with these sellers will make it easier to verify the authenticity of the unit you are considering, but availability may be limited.


Dentaltown and Orthotown are great resources for dentists and orthodontists, respectively. They offer forums to ask questions, latest news about technology updates, and classified ads for buying and selling dental equipment. You can ensure that everyone on this site is a dental professional, which makes it more trustworthy than other sites.

Online Ad Boards

In addition to national online classified ads, there are local and regional publications and online ad boards such as The Dental Trader. The benefit of this is being able to search for used dental equipment for sale near you to help save on shipping costs and make the verification process easier.


Some new dental equipment dealers offer special deals on overstock or gently used dental equipment. Before you make a purchase, you’ll want to know how much you’re going to save compared to buying a new unit, what is different about the used or overstock models compared to the new equipment offered, and what is included with your purchase.

Used Equipment Dealers

Reputable used equipment dealers are available at the national and local level. By shopping nationally, you have a wider range of choices to suit your practice’s needs. Regardless, the dealer should be able to provide all certifications to ensure the unit you’re purchasing is in perfect working condition.

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